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Parking at MCO FAQs

How much is parking at MCO?
Parking fees at Orlando International Airport (MCO) vary based on the chosen facility. The North and South Cell Phone lots are free, offering short-term parking with restrictions. Economy lots and parking garages have charges after grace periods.

- South & North Place Economy Lots: $5 for 11 minutes up to 3 hours, $10 daily rate.

- Parking Garage C, A & B: $2 for 21 to 30 minutes, then $1 for each additional 15 minutes, with varying daily rates.

- Terminal Top Parking: $19 daily rate.

- Valet Parking: $25 per day.


How much is long-term parking at Orlando airport?

Long-term parking at Orlando airport varies between $10, $17, $19, and $25 per day. The least expensive on-site options are the two Economy Lots in the North and South sections of the airport. The more expensive options are the Parking Garages, Terminal Top Parking, and Valet. Many travelers opt for off-site airport parking near the Orlando airport when long-term parking is needed to keep parking costs down. Off-site parking lots costs are usually between $5 to $10 per day.


What is the cheapest parking at Orlando Airport?

The cheapest parking at Orlando Airport is the Cell Phone lots because the cost is free. However, these lots cannot be used for long-term parking or overnight parking. Parking off-site at a lot nearby would be the next cheapest parking option. Rates range between $5-10 a day. The next cheapest option is the economy lots located on the North and South sides of the airport. The parking fee at these lots is $5 for the first 3 hours, then there is a flat daily rate of $10 after that.


Is there a fee for parking short-term at MCO?

The North and South Cell Phone Lots at MCO are free and do not have any parking fees for short-term parking. The restrictions are no commercial vehicles and no overnight parking.


Does MCO have a cell phone lot?

Yes, MCO has two cell phone lots located in the North and South areas of the airport. The North Cell Phone lot is closer to the terminals and is located by gates 1-29 and gates 100-129. The South Cell Phone Lot is located by the on-site, Shell gas station and 7 Eleven convenience store. The South Cell Phone Lot is closer to gates 30-39 and gates 60-99.


Is there short-term parking at MCO?

Yes, all the cell phone lots, economy lots, and parking garages at MCO offer short-term parking. For very short-term parking, visitors can park in the Cell Phone Lots for free. For short-term parking that requires overnight parking, travelers can park in the South Park Place and North Park Place Economy lots, Parking Garages A, B, & C, Terminal Parking, and Curbside Valet.


How much does it cost to park at MCO for a week?

Below are parking costs at MCO airport based on a 7-day stay:

- The North Park Place and South Park Place Economy Lots: $70

- Parking Garage C: $119

- Parking Garage A & B, and Terminal Parking: $133

- Valet Parking: $175

Are the above rates too high? If you’re looking to pay about $35-$120 per week, compare rates at our parking partners near Orlando Airport (free shuttles included).


Where to Park at Orlando International Airport?

Orlando International Airport offers several parking options including Cell Phone Lots, Economy Lots, Terminal parking, Valet parking, and stay and fly parking at the Hyatt.

- North and South Cell Phone Lots: Best utilized for picking up travelers and very short-term parking.

- North Park Place Economy Lot: Long-term and short-term parking.

- South Park Place Economy Lot: Long-term and short-term parking.

- Parking Garage C: Long-term and short-term parking with access to terminals via the MCO automated people mover.

- Parking Garages A & B: Long-term and short-term parking with close access to specific flight terminals.

- Terminal Top Parking: Long-term and short-term parking with direct access to all four gates.

- Curbside Valet Parking: Long-term and short-term parking available in the Terminal Top Parking area.

- Hyatt Hotel Parking: On-site hotel offering valet & self-parking services for long-term and short-term parking, best for park and ride. Other nearby park and ride options include the Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel and the Orlando Airport Marriott, both providing free airport shuttles.

Parking Near Orlando Airport: 
Several independent airport parking lots and facilities surround Orlando airport. These options are within minutes of the airport and provide free shuttles, with many offering longer than 45 days long-term parking. To reserve a lot near Orlando airport, initiate a search on our Orlando Airport Parking page.

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